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The Declutter That Never Ends

Sometimes, I see people talk about wanting to be done with decluttering, finishing it off, and riding off into the minimalism sunset with not an unwanted or unneeded item in sight. The thing is, that's just straight up not realistic. If you're going to pursue minimalish living and all that comes with it, the declutter … Continue reading The Declutter That Never Ends

New Year, New Opportunities for Progress

There’s nothing magical about the first of the year, but the time off and focus on the new does provide ample time to reflect and goal set. While I’m hesitant to label them “New Year’s resolutions,” I am setting new goals and changing some habits for growth in 2020. First and foremost, I’m going to … Continue reading New Year, New Opportunities for Progress

Editing Life: Learning To Say No

Over the course of my college years, I'm not sure there's anything I did more frequently than editing. Rewriting, reworking, reorganizing, rewording, and shifting thoughts and actions and answers to create a finished project worth submitting. While this skill is valuable for academic pursuits, it is even more so for life outside the classroom. Whether … Continue reading Editing Life: Learning To Say No

Chronic Pain & Perspective

Hi, I’m Sarah. I have chronic pain. No, that’s not like your occasionally headaches when it’s rainy out. A normal 20-year-old’s pain routine might look something like this: you wake up, go about your day, feel a headache or soreness coming on. You groan, guessing at the cause. You take some over-the-counter pain medicine, lay … Continue reading Chronic Pain & Perspective