Decorating for Fall as a Minimalist

In my apartment, there is little space to store anything, so we’re extremely cautious about purchasing things like decorations, They are beautiful and bring an element of cozy to a space, but can be difficult to store, and who wants to buy things that will only be on display for a month out of the year? If we were in a forever home I might feel differently, but in this little apartment, I don’t want to fill my one and only closet with knick-knacks I have to swap out constantly. It doesn’t bring me joy, so I usually keep our decorations to a minimum.

This year, though, I’m feeling a bit more sentimental! I absolutely love fall, and have trying to find ways to bring a bit of the season into my home without creating clutter. Here are a few of my favorite ways to decorate for the season and bring a bit of fall feeling into the apartment without stocking up on things.

Squash as a centerpiece

How many of us have bought little fake pumpkin-style items? I’m guilty of this too, but this year, I went with the real deal. Our current table centerpiece is made up of a couple baby squash, an acorn squash, and a pie pumpkin, and it is absolutely adorable. The most expensive was the acorn squash, which was around $1.25, and the rest were under a dollar. I plan to use the pie pumpkin to make puree to freeze and use in chocolate chip pumpkin bread, the acorn squash to roast, and the rest will be thrown into soup when they’re no longer looking their best. This is my personal favorite so far because it requires absolutely no storage, no equipment, and is as frugal as can be – just add a few squash to your next grocery list and you’re good to go!

Scented consumables

This one comes in as a close second. Personally, I prefer essential oils, because I already have a diffuser and can usually buy small bottles pretty cheap even from higher end brands. My diffuser was only $15 on amazon and works great, and has colorful lights which means I can choose a color that matches the season whenever I use it! The orange and deep red are beautiful, and I’ll diffuse a little bit of clove, cinnamon bark, and orange oil to make the whole house smell like fall. I keep the diffuser out and use it year-round, and the tiny 5ml bottles of essential oil are easy to store in the back of my spice cabinet when they are not in use. If you diffuser often or split a bottle with friends, you may even go through the whole thing in a season and not have to store it at all! If essential oils aren’t your thing, try to purchase small candles without wrapping at a local health food store or farmer’s market, as they are usually higher quality scents and less likely to come in packaging. Purchasing a small candle as-needed will prevent you from having to store a series of candles throughout the year.

Colorful throw blankets and pillows

I am currently on the lookout for a good fall-colored throw blanket, or some chunky yarn I can use to knit one up myself. It’s no secret that I am a lover of all things fluffy, and having a few different blankets to switch out in the living room makes it easy to change things up while wasting little space. When not in season, I store blankets in my coffee table’s drawers for guests or when it’s too cold for just one blanket, and they take up very little space. Another option is throw pillows, especially ones where you can purchase one or two pillows and have a few seasonally-colored covers, as the covers will take up far less space to store. These items are functional, fun, and add a pop of color to a living room that is otherwise made up of neutrals.

What do you think of these home decor ideas? Have you tried some of them, or do you have other ideas of ways to decorate seasonally without having a bunch of stuff to store?

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