Kind, Not Nice

A few years ago, I worked relentlessly to delete the word nice from my vocabulary. See, nice doesn’t actually just mean sweet or kind! The history of it is insulting, meant to describe people who were foolish. We aren’t taught that, though. We’re just taught to “be nice” to other kids, and we keep the word as we grow up.

Sometimes, it seems like people expect me to be nice. Usually, it has something to do with my gender, age, or disability, but it happens consistently nonetheless. Maybe it’s just that I smile a lot. I don’t really know. I’m just sick of it. I am lied to constantly by property managers, retail workers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and people online who swear their supplement will “cure” my chronic pain, PTSD, and give me glowing skin! Okay, so maybe that last one happens to almost all of us in one way or another, but I am honestly sick of it.

I am all about being kind. I try to add a little bit of kindness to all my interactions, and who wouldn’t? A little compassion, grace, and benevolence can go a long way! I am not, however, in the business of being swindled.

You want me to spend $99.99 a month on prescription dog food that’s the same kibble with a little fewer fillers? No thanks, I’ll spend $15-$20 a month at the grocery store instead. Oh, you think you can throw a few extra fees onto my account and I won’t notice? Guess again, I’ll be calling your supervisor as soon as we hang up if you refuse to make it right. Oh, you don’t have the older version of the phone in stock, I’ll have to wait a month? K gonna go buy my phone plan from your competition, see ya!

I’m not out for blood. I’m not out here trying to con people out of hard-earned dollars or skimp on things that really matter. I am, however, tired of people trying to manipulate me because they know I’m young, they know I’m disabled, or they think a girl just won’t know better. What they don’t know is I’ve already been through enough shit to refuse to take any more of it.

I will continue to strive to be kind, but I am nobody’s fool, and I’m way past playing nice.

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